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Random soaps , 1-2 pounds

Random soaps , 1-2 pounds

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A bag of random oops soaps. This listing contains a bag of soaps, which are not Labeled or sold individually. Some are lightly scented, while others just didn’t make the cut. This is perfect for those who want to use natural soaps, without spending a $7-8 for each bar.

This listing is for 6 - 8 assorted full sized soaps weighing between 4 and 5 oz each.  It is a grab bag listing that will include soaps that are at least one of the following. 


1) Batch that didn't turn out pretty.

2) A soap that is going to be discontinued

3) Overstock of a particular soap

4) Older soap that has lost some of it's scent or has discolored.

5) Packaging is damaged

6) Discontinued packaging 


All of the soaps are perfectly fine to use they just may not be as heavily scented or as pretty as our regular soaps but they will still lather and work just fine.

Each bag contains between 6-8 bars of soaps, randomly selected. Most of our best sellers may not be included with this listing. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great soaps

Even tho not labeled I’m confident that every soap in the bad is quality and doing what it’s supposed to do. I love all her soaps. If the sensitive skin soaps could be labeled that would be amazing so I can share these with my son. But for now, I’m loving my soaps

Chantal Chandler
Loved it!

The soap lasts very long and lathers great! I love the amount I received for the amount of money I spent! One thing I would have liked probably would've been a label or name for each bar I sampled. Just so I could have purchased that one specifically next time. Overall great products!

Sierra Boers

I've been slowly cycling through the soaps and I love each one that I've tried! My skin is so soft and the little bit of eczema on my arms is gone now ❤

Julie ST
Random Soaps

This is worth the amount spent, as it has a sufficient amount of soaps. The scents are still there and so far, what I’ve used, they are effective. Thank you for your products.

Diamond Lewis
Amazing soap❤️❤️

So far I’ve used two bars of soap, (goats milk and Tumeric) and both have been good to my skin. My skin is veeeery sensitive and transitioning from regular dove soap to arabels soap, I was itchy the first day or two right after showering (that’s the way my skin reacts to every soap) but I do love using the natural soap and it makes my skin feel a lot better. I love the fact that they’re naturally scented and there isn’t added fragrance, because again my skin is highly sensitive. But I love the products so far. Would DEFINITELY buy more!

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