About Me

My name is Jessica and I am the creator of Arabel's Naturals. I’m dedicated to crafting fresh products that have nourishing and healing qualities that literally feed your skin using only the best ingredients that nature has to offer.
My natural, hand poured products are free from harmful chemicals such as synthetic fragrance oils, sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, phthalates, petroleum by-products and artificial coloring/preservatives. Creating soaps the old fashioned way means that the naturally occurring glycerin is not removed. This gentle ingredient formed in the soap making process is perfect for hydrating your skin.


Our Standards and Commitment

Arabels Naturals is a company that focuses on providing the highest quality in handcrafted natural body products. We use fresh & high quality ingredients  in our products.

It is our mission to provide our consumers with premium quality organic body products that are free from chemicals and dyes and are kind to the environment. We purchase our ingredients from guaranteed certified organic wholesalers as well as research and test all of our products to ensure their maximum benefit. Our products are free from any form of animal by-products or testing.